Proudly located in Miami, Florida, Mitchell Eason is an independent insurance agent specializing in Medicare and health insurance. Partnering with a top general agency, he represents many different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points. With years of experience in the industry and being licensed in over 25 states, his expertise and knowledge enable him to work with clients having various needs and concerns. Knowing that every person and policy is unique, he will work hard to find the right one for your needs. Mitchell's goal is to take the confusion and frustration out of buying insurance and help you make sense of it all. To provide the peace of mind that comes with the right coverage and an advocate on your side. When not working with clients, Mitchell is very passionate about improving the quality of his life and the lives of others. He spends most of time aside from working on his business, working on progressing himself in all areas, mentally, physically, and spiritually. He enjoys helping others, whether it be through community service, donations, working alongside others in his community to organize charity events such as the Annual Toy Drive in which he and other community leaders raise donations for toys every holiday season in order to donate to various local hospitals. Mitchell has an adventure soul and enjoys traveling, surfing, and is even a certified solo sky diver!   My mission and commitment is to give each and every one of my clients my undivided attention. I made it my goal to study the policies available to you and seek out the very best policy’s, with the best benefits, at the very best price in order to best suit the needs of my clients. Not only will I work hard to get the best benefits, coverage, and absolutely best price for my clients, but I will make sure that I am there for my clients when they need me most to answer any questions and help navigate this vast world of insurance to not only meet but exceed my clients' expectations. And I am excited to work alongside you to research and find the perfect policy for you that best fits your needs!  

License Number: W625051